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Practice Swords - Kojirou 

Kojirou is named for Sasaki Kojirou, the master swordsman of the Chuujou-ryu school who fell during his duel with the legendary Miyamoto Musashi.

Sasaki was famous for his mastery of the Nodachi (also often called O-dachi, O-katana, dai-katana etc), the oversized battle sword which gained popularity in the Kamakura period.

This swords marks the first time a Nodachi has ever been made widely available to martial artists. The lightweight folded 1095 blade measures a 3.3 shaku and features a notare hamon, o-kissaki and full length bo-hi to save on weight and improve manoeuvrability.

The tsuka measures 1 shaku 3 sun, giving the sword very similar proportions to a normal daito except on a larger scale, and is wrapped in black leather over genuine white same. 

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